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Product/Business Launches

Product/Business launches require a great deal of skill and understanding of the product/business. Without this knowledge and expertise the launch could be a complete failure. 

Product Launches

An established company has developed a new product which will shortly be available to the general public. However the company wishes to host a product launch which could be open to the general public or to a selected number of guests. This could be in the form of a open day at the company premises or at another location where the product will be on display/ available to sample etc. Guests will be offered drinks /food etc. We at Premiere Events can manage the whole event from the best way to present the product, be it a car or or a bottle of perfume. We can organise the catering and drinks, provide entertainment ; from background music to live entertainment, organise invitations etc. Since each product launch is tailored to the requirements of the client, it is difficult to give specific examples.

Business Launches

You are a new business and wish to make your presence known in the market place. Whether you are a new restaurant or a new engineering company, Premiere Events can provide you with all the skill and expertise that is required to make your opening day a true success. 

special guests to open the event.  
special effects
web site design and launch

Initial consultations to discuss your requirements  are completely free. 

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